Owner shares genius £5 B&M product to cool your dog down this summer

A dog owner has shared her genius hack for keeping her pet cool during the heatwave – and it’s going viral online.

Annie Grainger, from Manchester, posted a video on TikTok of her rescue dog cuddling a blue plush toy filled with an ice pack.

The clip has garnered 4.8 million views and has proven very popular with fellow pet parents struggling to care for their dogs in the heat.

The 23-year-old artist explains the blue seal teddy is called a ‘cooling pet pillow’ and was purchased from a B&M store for just £5.

It is described as non-toxic, ideal for travel and keeps “your dog cool on long summer days and warm nights.”

On Annie’s TikTok account @ag_originals, her greyhound can be seen snuggling the soft toy on the sofa, which has a Velcro opening at the back to hold a frozen ice pack.

More than 660,000 people have liked the original video, with users agreeing it’s “such a good idea” and a must-have product for the summer.

“I might need one for myself,” one person commented, whilst another said: “That can also help with children for anyone who might need it.”

Thousand of followers tagged their fellow dog lovers in the comments section, urging them to head to B&M and pick one up.

“They still had loads in my local B&M and they were reduced to £2.50 so it’s worth having a look in your local shop guys,” someone said.

Dog experts are also encouraging owners to invest in a 70p misting spray bottle and fill it with ice cold water.

A spokeswoman from retail company Tap Warehouse said: “Keep your pets cool with a spray bottle filled with cold water and gently spray over their body and feet.

“This will give a cooling effect and relax your pets as some can get distressed when they overheat. Better yet, reusable spray bottles can be bought for just 70p from The Range.

“You can also add regular ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl to keep it cool, or simply give them a few to chew on. It’s a fun activity for them and it will also help them to cool down and hydrate.”