Julio Jones gets $6 million to sign, with up to $2 million in incentives

When Julio Jones agreed to terms with the Buccaneers, Adam Schefter had the scoop — but he didn’t have the numbers.

He didn’t have the numbers (or perhaps he didn’t have permission to use the numbers) because the numbers were far short of past contracts signed by Jones.

Now that some (us) have pointed to the fact that the failure to leak the numbers suggests that the deal isn’t a great one, the numbers are out. And while the package is more than the $3 million up to $6 million that we suggested earlier today, they’re still a far cry from $22 million per year.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Jones deal is worth $6 million in base pay, with up to $2 million in incentives.

Some of that $6 million may be in the form of per-game roster bonuses, which will require Jones to suit up in order to collect the money.

We’ll eventually have the full breakdown of the contract, including any guarantees and the triggers for the incentives.